Summer Songs & Sight

Dr. Kloess with Band. AAOA conference 2009Hope you all are having a great summer so far. One of the many things I love about summer is the sense of relaxation that accompanies this time of year…kids out of school, trips to the beach, lax schedules, etc. For most of us, the pace of life slows down just long enough to allow us to catch our breath and enjoy the things we have taken for granted. So, in the spirit of summer and having fun, I thought it would be appropriate to take a break from discussing medical topics for just a bit. I love music and summer reminds me of the many outdoor concerts I have enjoyed over the years. Speaking of music, there are hundreds of songs that mention the word “eyes”. Two my favorites are “Doctor My Eyes” by Jackson Brown and “Lying Eyes” by the Eagles. Can you think of others?

Check out the links here:
Jackson Browne “Doctor My Eyes”
The Eagles ” Lying Eyes”

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