A Day in the Life of Dr. Andrew Velazquez

V girlsI have stooped to a new low. Never in my life did I think I would correct my 7 year-old daughter’s understanding of the lyrics of a Katy Perry song. She was singing the same verse over and over as I was helping her older sister get through her two hours of math homework. Each of those activities by itself is bad enough, but combine the two and I promise you, you’d rather have a root canal.

My wife was out of town for about three days so it was up to me to get breakfast going in the morning. I took the time to arrange the fruit in some sort of a shape on their plates that I thought was pretty cool, but realistically I didn’t think they would notice. It absolutely made my day when they said thanks for arranging the banana slices and pieces of melon in the shape of a palm tree. I couldn’t believe they noticed. So the next day I made the shape of a smiley face using the melon for the nose and eyebrows, the banana for the smiley face and the cinnamon rolls for the eyes.

This past Sunday was kind of a rainy, yucky day. It didn’t stop us from going outside with the dogs and getting soaking wet. I did have to use the dogs as a bribe to get the kids outside, but it worked. We all had a blast and then we all gave the dogs a bath.

v family


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