Why the Wait?

Believe it or not, we don’t like being behind either.  We don’t like walking out of an exam room and seeing a stack of charts waiting to be worked up, and we don’t like walking through the waiting room and seeing the looks patients give us because they’ve been waiting to see us.  In these situations, the first thing we typically do is go to one of the managers and ask for an explanation.  I’m usually told it’s because I’ve taken too much time talking to a certain patient or patients, and “by the way, get back to work.”
However, there’s more to it than that.  Speaking from personal experience, I try my absolute best to adhere to my schedule.  The reasons we run behind are numerous and outside the scope of this discussion.  At the end of these days, we sit down and discuss what happened and how it happened.  We implement changes and take measures to assure our patients that we won’t waste their valuable time with excessive waiting again.  I’d like to promise each patient that he will never have to wait again, but I can’t.  I give each patient the time he needs.  Obviously, some patients require more time than others, and some patients have complicated eye problems that require a LOT more time than others.  These are things we can’t predict when we schedule their appointments.  So let me assure every patient, you will not be rushed when I see you.  I will give you all the time you need at your appointment.  These are your eyes and they are valuable to you I share your concerns.  Feel free to ask questions in fact I try to make a point to ask every patient if he has any questions, although I will occasionally forget.  That’s all I have for this blog entry.  So…. do you have any questions?

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