NEW LASIK & Hearing Suites in Greystone!

ImageWe are proud to announce the opening of our new
LASIK Surgery Center at One Nineteen. LASIK is an excellent alternative to
contacts and glasses.  Our eye surgeons offer the safest, most precise
laser technology with skilled local surgeons. Spring Break and Summer are the
perfect times to be “free to see”.  Imagine a beach or ski trip with no glasses
or contacts!  Dr. Kloess and Dr. Velazquez will develop a personalized vision
correction plan for you.  So before you hit the slopes or surf, set up your FREE
Consultation today at 888-841-EYES.
Eyes and ears develop and decline at the same
time, so it is advised to have both senses regularly checked.  This April, we
also opened a comprehensive Hearing Center at One Nineteen.  Audiologist
Britiany Pierson will help determine if your spouse is truly hard of
hearing.  We look forward to providing a lifetime of care from doctors who


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