LASIK Center opens in Shelby County

The Alabama Vision Center opened the first LASIK center in Shelby County on April 3, 2014. LASIK is an out-patient vision correction procedure used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Dr. Kloess with patient“We were the first in Birmingham to perform bladeless, all laser LASIK,” says Price Kloess, MD, Medical Director of the Alabama Vision Center. “ We are happy to now bring this same life-changing technology to Greystone, Liberty Park, Chelsea Park and other Shelby County communities”.

DR. VELAZQUEZ-ORGINIALThe LASIK center is located at the St. Vincent’s Health and Wellness Center at One Nineteen. “The demand for LASIK is very strong in this community,” reports Dr. Andrew Velazquez, Co-Director for the Center. “Offering the best LASIK technology available at a world-class facility like One Nineteen is a perfect fit for these communities”.

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