A must “read” for those who cannot read anymore


Ahh…reading glasses…just the thought of them makes us feel older,

like we are falling apart in our mid-forties. Much of my time is spent seeing

patients who can no longer naturally see up close to answer the cell phone,

apply make-up, or read; and, with beach trips looming, being able to read

naturally while soaking up those rays is a must!

We all have or will experience the inability to read in our 40’s requiring the

need for reading glasses or, for those already wearing glasses, bifocals.

This condition is called Presbyopia

The good news is, for those who prefer not to wear bifocals or

reading glasses, there are ways to restore our natural reading vision!

What is Presbyopia?

Within the eye, there is a flexible lens that allows us to “auto focus” on objects

at different distances. This lens is attached to thousands of tiny rope-like

strands called “zonules.” Small muscles pull on the zonules to change the shape

of the lens.  These muscles fail as we age causing Presbyopia, or the inability to

naturally see at near.

There are excellent surgical options for treating Presbyopia. The two

most popular are Bifocal Implants (Refractive Lens Exchange with a multifocal

intraocular lens like ReSTOR) or monovision LASIK laser vision correction (one

eye corrected for reading and the other for distance). To learn more about

alternatives to reading glasses, make an appointment to see Drs. Kloess or

Velazquez by calling 205-991-2021 or visit us at


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