January – a New Year’s Resolution to consider

Many of us have mixed emotions about “Januaries”…both excitement and apprehension about a new year; and, those new year’s resolutions that, if we are honest, we should rename new “month” because that’s about as long as they ever last.

We hope 2016 is a great year for everyone…& we have one resolution we encourage you to make…& keep…but more about that in a minute.

Ever lose anything of great importance?  Remember how you could not rest until you found it?

Imagine losing your eyesight?  Well that happens to thousands of Americans ever year from a very common disease called Glaucoma.  Glaucoma is a painless, easily detectable, non-symptomatic condition where the pressure in the eye is elevated and sight is gradually and irreversibly lost.  Did you catch the “easily detectable”, “non-symptomatic” and “irreversible” part of this?   This condition is easy to diagnose and treat through having a routine eye examination.   Am I saying thousands of people every year lose the most precious of the five senses by putting off their annual eye examination?   The answer is yes!

January, among other things, is National Glaucoma Awareness Month.  We encourage you to make this your personal lifelong resolution to make an appointment for an eye examination & do this annually.  Problems will come and go but this is one you can take control of…and avoid.

We look forward to seeing you & keeping you seeing in 2016!



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