Cataract surgery – a game changer

Cataracts are a leading cause or poor vision worldwide.  The U.S., in this case, is no exception.

When we think of the impact that cataracts have on people, the decline in vision is typically gradual and is commonly first noticed with night vision problems from the glare and halos associated with oncoming headlights. What is much more important than the vision loss itself is the negative impact on patient’s quality of life. Recent research describes the effect on patient quality of life before and after having cataract surgery. The researchers compared patients with no known cataracts of the same age, health and lifestyle to those who had cataracts before and after cataract surgery. When compared with the general population, cataract patients had much lower health-related quality of life than those without cataracts in five areas:  seeing, moving, hearing, and performing their usual activities as well as general discomfort and symptoms. Then at 12 months after cataract surgery there was significant improvement in the quality of life index. While this seems obvious, it is a reminder that cataracts and vision loss affect more than just vision.  There is no reason to avoid suffering if you feel that your vision might be impacting your quality of life.

A recent practicing OB/GYN physician describes his life before and after cataract surgery with Dr. Kloess:

“I knew I was not seeing well.  It kinda crept up on me and I ignored it for several months.  My initial response after seeing how poor my vision really was and being told it was due to cataracts was a mixture of relief and disbelief (“I’m too old to have cataracts, right?”).  Dr. Kloess made the surgery remarkably easy and I am amazed to have my sight restored to crystal clear, normal vision again.  My wife even said I seem happier and she was not afraid to let me drive at night anymore.  I guess cataracts really did effect more than just my vision.”

If you or someone you know suspects or has been told they have cataracts and would like to learn more about cataract surgery and lens implants, please call Alabama Vision Center in Birmingham at 205-592-3911, visit or our facebook page.

Alabama Vision Center is the leading provider of cataract and LASIK surgery in Birmingham.  We have locations in Mountain Brook, Greystone/Liberty Park and Alabaster.



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