Exciting new option to avoid reading glasses available in Birmingham offered by Alabama Vision Center



Alabama Vision Center in Birmingham,  Alabama is proud to offer the Raindrop® near vision inlay to our presbyopia patients.

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia or loss of reading vision inevitably occurs with aging as the lens loses its mobility. As we age, near activities such as sewing, reading, or looking at a mobile device often become more difficult without the use of reading glasses. Many people find themselves holding objects at arms length to see clearly or constantly putting glasses on for near tasks and then removing them to see at a distance. If you are tired of searching for your reading glasses or bothered by putting them on and taking them off throughout the day, this may be the procedure you have been waiting for.

Presbyopia Reader

What is the Raindrop® near vision inlay?

The Raindrop® near vision inlay is a transparent, biocompatible, hydrogel made of 80% water, which is smaller than the head of a pin needle. It is designed to be implanted permanently into the cornea in the non-dominant or reading eye. The Raindrop® reshapes the central region of the cornea to provide a zone of increased power for focusing on near objects, resulting in improvement in near vision.

Am I a Candidate for Raindrop®?

Ideal candidates for Raindrop® are as follows:
• Age 40 to 65
• Good distance vision without glasses
• No history of prior LASIK
• Need for reading glasses with at least a +1.50 add for near tasks
• No severe dry eyes, corneal, or ocular disease

What does the procedure consist of?

The Raindrop® procedure is performed in the office and takes approximately 15 minutes. A partial thickness corneal flap is created, similar to LASIK surgery and the Raindrop® is placed in your non-dominant eye. Only one eye is treated, no corneal tissue is removed, and the implant can be safely removed if you are unsatisfied with the results. The Raindrop® is not the same as monovision (one eye sees distance and the other sees near), both eyes will continue to see well at distance but your non-dominant eye will be used for intermediate and near tasks with the goal of drastically reducing or even eliminating your need for reading glasses.

How effective is the Raindrop® near vision inlay?

• FDA clinical trials showed 2 years after implantation, 92% of patients were able to see 20/40 vision or better at near distances with the inlay-implanted eye.
• The average improvement in near vision was 5 lines from baseline near vision prior to surgery.
• 97.6% of patients gained 2 or more lines of near vision without reading glasses in the inlay eye.

Alabama Vision Center is a leading provider of vision correction surgery in Birmingham, Alabama.  Drs. Price Kloess, Andrew Velazquez and Andrew Bartlett are all Fellowship-trained Cornea Specialists experienced in procedures of all types to reduce the need for glasses and contacts.  To schedule your free consultation, call any of our three conveniently located offices:   Mountain Brook at  3928 Montclair Road, suite 100, Birmingham, Alabama (phone 205-592-3911), the St. Vincent’s Health & Wellness Center at 119  (phone 205-991-2021, and 613 1st Street North, Alabaster, Alabama (across from Shelby Baptist Hospital) at 205-620-2292.