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LSXLogoLENSX LASER CATARACT Surgery Now Available in Homewood, Alabama
The Birmingham Surgery Center announces new laser cataract surgery technology to improve precision and safety.
BIRMINGHAM – April 10, 2014 –The Alabama Vision Center is bringing LenSx Laser Cataract technology to the Birmingham Surgery Center (BSC) in Homewood, Alabama.  Drs. Kloess and Velazquez are Board-Certified Ophthalmologists and Cataract Surgeons.  They helped introduce LenSx to Birmingham in May 2013. Lensx is quickly becoming the preferred method of cataract surgery.   
“As LASIK revolutionized the refractive surgery world through its precision and safety, the LenSx laser has done so for cataract surgery,” says Price Kloess, MD, Medical Director for the Ophthalmology Department.  “The precise visual results are amazing!”
The Birmingham Surgery Center is a popular out-patient surgery facility due to its efficiency, expertise, convenience and experienced staff.   Adding the LenSx laser technology will further its reputation as a state of the art facility. 
“Offering the convenience of our  surgery center with this breakthrough FDA-approved cataract surgery technology is a perfect fit,” shared Andrew Velazquez, MD, Co-Director for the Center.  “Our patients will greatly benefit from what is becoming the standard of care for cataract surgery.”
For more information about LenSx Laser Cataract Surgery, call 888-841-3937.    Read more about the surgeons and their services at  The Birmingham Surgery Center is located at 2621 19th Street South in Homewood, Alabama.

Birmingham Surgery Center

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